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About the Artist


Anik Legoupil was born in Rennes in 1972.  She obtained the French baccalaureat (High School Diploma) with a specialization in art and continued this path by studying two years at the Faculty Of Plastic Arts at Rennes where  she also studied  literature with an option in Japanese and designed and ran courses in  art for young people in difficulty.


From 1991 to 1993, she immersed herself in the learning Jacquard design with designer B. Even including the creation and sales of artwork models in Germany and Belgium.


She left France for Japan in September 1993. From that time, until 1995, she taught french and designed textile models for Suminoe and Nishikawa.  She also worked as a model for painters and sculptors (agency Pour Vous, Tokyo).

  • First collective exhibition in 1994, on the theme of Nude, in Meguro (Tokyo).

  • First solo exhibition in 1995. “Above the cosmics rains”, at the Abidou Gallery in Tokyo.  

  • Other solo exhibitions at Elamplitude, Dan Gallery, Shibuya, Sillonner, Tokyo Design Center (1996)

Through her travels in Asia and the Pacific, Anik Legoupil pursued her research on the use of inks and waxes on Washi paper.


Back in France in 1996, she settled in Brittany where she worked on the theme of human roots.  She also lead  workshops on the making of paper, origami creation and installations, and participated in school art programs.  From 1997 to 2000 she studied at University Paris Diderot  and received a diploma in art and therapeutic mediation.  Her thesis was entitled “A paper-making workshop dedicated to a tattered youth”.  She took an internship in an art-therapy studio with T. Millbacher in Rennes, France.


Anik Legoupil continued to show her works, and created the association “Avec Papiers” and L’ACCES (L’Art Comme Chemins d’Ecoute et de Soin” (Art as a Path to Listen and Care).  During this period she took part regularly in various art exhibitions in Brittany, worked with various associations, participated in university conferences and created a radio broadcast about art and therapy on Saint-Malo’s RPV station.


She practices art-therapy with mediation collectively and individually, clay modelling and painting, and conducts  paper workshops for artistic and therapeutic use.


In her personal research, she introduced the frame of the sieve as a primary frame.  In 2004, she started her series “The Abyss as a WIndow” completed in 2011.  She continues to show her work in exhibitions and reinforces her engagement in the association Avec Papiers by overseeing  professional trainings and inviting artists to exhibit their works within the association and in ACCES.


Since 2011, she is exclusively represented by the Visio Dell’Arte gallery.


Past Exhibitions:

  • Entre/Autre, Maison Internationale de Rennes (1998)

  • Ancrage, Cancale et Saint Coulomb (Brittany, France) in 2002

  • Anik Legoupil, Chateau de la Briantais (2004) and realisation of a film with Q. Guilloit and E. Lugand

  • Regular exhibitions in Saint-Malo (France) at Place Vendome, Dinard, Tournez la page, Combourg, La Caravelle, La Timonerie

  • Exhibition at the Plastic Art Academy of Malouine (winter 2010) at La Halle a Maree in Cancale, France in summer 2010

  • Exhibition at l’ACCES: excavation, interactive exhibition introducing the display of contemporary art by the association Avec Papiers.




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