Vous souhaitez acheter une oeuvre, deux possibilités s'offrent à vous : 

Via Max Laniado disposant d'un large éventail de "L'abîme comme fenêtre"


Via l'artiste pour toute autre acquisition 

Max Laniado Fine Arts

Max Laniado Fine Arts is a leading on-line marketplace for art lovers, collectors and artists alike. Our mission is to discover and promote the most promising artists, and connect their beautiful works of art with enthusiastic new owners, and to provide a platform for talented emerging artists of all styles and genres. We offer paintings, drawings, and photographs, carefully curated by our experts.

Max Laniado Fine Arts

New York (Manhattan, Chelsea)

Tel: 347 707 5336

Email: contact@laniado-finearts.com

Web: www.laniado-finearts.com

Visio Dell'Arte Gallery

Visio Dell' Arte has been promoting artists in London and Paris for over twenty years.

After gaining recognition in London, then Paris, we opened the Visio Dell'Arte Gallery in New York, the world art market's leader.

Visio Dell’Arte Gallery

New York

Tel: +1 212 596 5313

Email: contact@visiodellarte.com

Web: www.visiodellarte.com

Vente directe - Oeuvres

​Vous souhaitez acquérir une oeuvre d'Anik Legoupil

Vente directe "ALEGOUPIL"

​Vous souhaitez acquérir des produits dérivés de la marqe Alegoupil

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