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Permanent artist at  Max Laniado Gallery, NYC, USA, Anik Legoupil exhibits at the Art Apart' concept in France.

Below are some examples of previous exhibitions.

Art Apart 3 Chambery

Art Apart 1 Paris




Art Apart’ arose from the concept that art lives all the more intimately when it is installed at home


Art lives on the inside, is what we think and hear

We make contact with art in galleries, in lounges, and fairs. We stand amazed at the foot of monuments, in front of works in museums.  We see art in some public places, and by chance we can also see it in the street.  But art lives mainly at a distance from us.

Then, to follow our passion, we dive into books, we turn to reproductions, the media... And if the desire increases to reduce the distance, to have a permanent contact with a work in particular, constrained by our budgets we make a purchase.

 Even when this journey results in a real collection, it obliges the art lover to cross currents of contradictory thoughts (‘art for all’ remains personally inaccessible) and opaque (among the several ‘marché de l’art’ set by gallerists and auctioneers, which establish the rank and value of artists).

How to navigate?  How to invest emotionally and financially in art? How to pursue the journey towards living with art that truly connects?

Art lives inside, is what I believe and intend

I invite you, via Art Apart ', into an apartment to share art as at home. The works live in it, in the context of the architecture, the variations of light and the lifestyle of the host. You will be welcomed in a comfortable place to experience your feelings in face of the installations which communicate with you.  And you can picture or imagine the intimate relation between the art and your own home environment.

We shall share with pleasure reflections and respectful silences around a cup of tea; the tea bag of your choice will become part of one of the paper creations under development.

So, we wait for your precious participation, for the exchange of our looks and to renew them. Art above all forges links in and among us and weaves us to our environment.  This awareness strengthens our commitment to live with the art which suits us.

Visio dell Arte Gallery


Briantais' Castel


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Art Apart 1 Paris - English
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